Fatcow Webhosting Services

Fat Cow is a web hosting platform born in 1998 in Albuquerque. It was specially designed to provide valuable service to the small business user, helping them to get their websites on the internet and functioning perfectly. Its goal is to focus on providing shared web hosting solutions to small and medium sized businesses at an affordable price. Fat Cow is now owned by the Endurance International Group, a conglomerate that owns other web hosting companies.


Apart from shared hosting, Fat Cow web host also provides extensive support services to top up its main business.
The web hosting plans availed by Fat Cow include the Original Fat Cow plan and the Minimoo. The Minimoo is a low-cost option of web hosting made possible by Fat Cow. It offers a single page and one email account to get small users quickly live on the web. It is $5 per year. The Original Fat Cow, on the other hand, costs $40 per year and has a lot of support services like e-commerce options, cloud storage, email customizing and more.
Fat Cow’s support and services include oodles disk space, oodles bandwidth, blog and forums, site creation tools. The oodles disk space enables clients to achieve an unlimited disk space on their website. This also goes in hand with unlimited email content capacity. Clients of Fat Cow websites can create as many mailboxes as they would like to.

With oodles, bandwidth there is no limit to the volume of traffic and data flowing between your website and the internet. They constantly monitor bandwidth to ensure high performance of their client’s websites. In the rare cases where a client’s traffic is so huge, they explore options such as Virtual Private Servers to ensure, the client’s website supports all the content and traffic.

Fat Cow also offers hosting to blogs like WordPress. Their WP Essential speeds up WordPress to 60% faster, it offers cohesive themes and plug-ins and malware detection and removal. Every web hosting plan comes with application installation wizards; they provide “how to” instructions for adding various applications to your site, for instance, blog software and others. Their website hosting is taken into account effective e-commerce. They enable e-commerce tools on your site such as online stores, shopping carts, catalogs with coupons, PayPal and other selling tools.

Fat Cow’s web hosting plans come with bonuses of free advertisement on Google and Yahoo. There is also 1 GB free of cloud storage for all their immense documents, photos, music, and videos. The clients can access these files from their computer anywhere anytime. Fat Cow offers free domain names for your websites. There is also a free Webster builder which is an easy site building tool for clients. Anyone is able to create a perfect functioning website using their Webster Builder, which has themes and templates. It does not require any programming knowledge. Clients with already working sites using other hosts can transfer their existing websites to Fat Cow at the same cost as original clients of Fat Cow. Besides, clients are able to customize their email addresses for a more appealing professional image.

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